A Startup Law firm adopts Modern Workplace from Day One

Solution Background 

A few leading Lawyers working in some of the Top Law firms in India came together to launch a full-Service law firm.  Getting fully functional at Top Speed was a major requirement. Along with Speed, there were other necessities which had to go hand in hand. Some of these were Legal Hold; Email Archive; Email Data Loss Prevention. 

Enter TechGyan 

Even before the Law firm commenced operations formally, TechGyan was invited for discussions on the Technology Strategy as it was clear that without the right Technology, commencing the operations would be a “no show”.  Our experienced Consultants made a series of recommendations keeping in mind the key requirements of Agility; Compliance; Security and Ease of Administration. The Solution we proposed was built around the Platform of Microsoft 365. At one level, this Solution offered the highest level of Productivity made possible by the Office 365 Suite which is an integral part of Microsoft 365. The Solution also has Windows as a Service so that the core Operating System is always updated. Finally, there is a Security and Compliance piece served by Enterprise Mobility plus Security which offers Top Class Security Service. Our Consultants quickly deployed the Solution for all the Lawyers and the Support Staff. We then provided them the relevant training on the tools so that they are up-to speed. And then we backed it by an ongoing Managed Services so that day to day support issues are taken care of. 

Business Benefits 

As a Startup, the Law firm had very little band width to manage multiple Technologies. But at the same time, due to the nature of Work, there could be no compromise on key needs. TechGyan deployed a Solution which offered an end to end Productivity plus Security plus Compliance. And the full Solution was managed from a single tenant thus reducing complexity. The Email Legal hold ensured that the essential compliance requirement for lawyers was met. The unlimited Email Archiving ensured that Emails were available anytime in future especially considering that in India cases drag on for years.  The Email Data Loss Prevention ensured that Data Leakage via Email was curtailed. The Email Security Solution ensured that malicious attachments and links in the Email were scanned in real time, thus minimizing downtime due to malware. The Bit Locker ensured that the data on the devices was always encrypted. All the devices in use were auto enrolled in In-tune thereby increasing Manageability. And the data that was created was built with Security so that even when the document left the premises of the law firm, the Security policies were always available with the document.

With such an end to end Solution in place, the Law startup Law firm has been able to quickly scale up the operations and realize its vision of a multi-location full service law Firm.  

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