Karamtara migrated to Microsoft 365 to boost productivity​

TechGyan, ​ TeamWork 365, & Microsoft 365​​

Karamtara Engineering Pvt Ltd. is an engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, India. Its legacy communication systems were inhibiting its growth and collaboration, leading Karamtara to connect with Microsoft Gold partner TechGyanwhich recommended a solution based on Microsoft 365. With the implementation of Microsoft 365, Karamtara now employs a state-of-the-art, highly available email system and a complete Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. The implementation has helped Karamtara reduce its infrastructure costs by 25 percent and increase productivity by more than 20 percent.

Customer Challenges​​

Karamtara Engineering Pvt Ltd, founded in 1996, is a leader in the transmission and distribution segment of the power sector. For corporate email, Karamtara was using an on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server that was due for a refresh. In addition, Karamtara employees stored documents in group and individual folders on a local file server, and a local active directory was used to authenticate multiple on-premises services, including ERP systems. The company also sought a more robust collaboration platform and greater scalability and security.

Partner Solution​​

TechGyan helped Karamtara modernize its workplace tools via a complete collaboration system driven by Microsoft 365, with Teams as a hub. Karamtara moved to the Microsoft 365 platform for its email and document management needs, and to prevent data loss. TechGyan migrated Karamtara’s email system to Microsoft Exchange Online. In addition, user documents were moved to the shared OneDrive for Business, and Office Online was set up for on-the-go users with access to Microsoft tools. TechGyan also migrated the customer’s collaboration hub to Teams.

Customer Benefits​​

Karamtara reduced infrastructure costs by 25 percent and increased productivity by 20 percent via the TeamWork 365 solution implemented by TechGyan. But the real value of the migration was immeasurable. Thanks to the secure remote collaboration capabilities of the Microsoft 365-based solution, Karamtara has been able to weather stay-at-home restrictions forced by COVID-19. “This benefit is beyond quantification”, said Suresh Ramani, CEO of TechGyan.

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