Protect Information in Emails and Documents with Microsoft Sensitivity Labels

Sensitivity Labels help in protecting your Organization’s data and  in preventing leakage especially from Emails and Documents.  

Some of the business use cases for using sensitivity labels are: 

  • You can prevent data leakage by  applying sensitivity labels  on Email such that a) only internal Company users can see the Email body b) only specific users in the Company can see the Email content  . 

  • You can apply labels to documents such that a) only users within Company can open the documents b) Sometime you may wish to restrict the contents of the document  only to specific set of users within the Company .  In this case even the other  users in the Company will not be able to view document contents.  Labels so applied will travel with the document . This will protect content even  if the document t is copied in Pen Drive.  

  • You can comply with regulatory requirements by applying sensitivity labels that match your organization’s policies and standards. For example, you can apply a “GDPR” label to files that contain personal data of EU citizens and restrict their sharing outside the EU. 

  • You can enhance collaboration by applying sensitivity labels that allow different levels of access and permissions for internal and external users. For example, you can apply a “Public” label to files that can be shared with anyone, or a “Partners” label to files that can be shared with specific external partners. 

Please watch  the video below for the Demo of labels in action: 


Sensitivity Labels are a great way to protect vital Corporate Information . They are especially useful to prevent leakage from Emails and Documents .  This functionality is a part of Microsoft Information Protection, which is bundled with Microsoft 365 Business Premium and EMS E3

I hope this blog post helps you understand how Sensitivity Labels can help in Information Protection. 

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