TechGyan Wins Award at APAC & Finalist at Global level.

26 April, 2023

Today, we are proud to announce that our Company TechGyan  has been chosen as a Global Finalist in the Solutions Provider Category  of the IAMCP Worldwide P2P Awards. 

The Icing on the cake was that Techgyan was also selected as the APAC Region Winner in the Solutions Provider Category in the IAMCP APAC Solutions category for 2023. 

In order to deliver compelling Solutions to Customers, Techgyan partners with Systems Integrators like Graftronics. The skills are complementary with the Systems Integrator providing complete portfolio of Products and TechGyan proving Microsoft Cloud Services and Solutions around Azure and Microsoft 365.  

And as Spiderman would have said “With More Awards, comes more Responsibility to deliver better Solutions for our Customers to make them more Productive and Secure.”  

A HUGE Thank You to IAMCP; our Customers; our Well Wishers and to all TechGyanis ! 

The Award Citation: 

Congratulations to Techgyan for being the 2023 IAMCP APAC P2P Awards Solutions Winners. The IAMCP P2P Awards recognize member companies that demonstrate excellence in partnering resulting in better solutions for customers and improved business outcomes. In a global community that thrives on partnering, receiving this award is an impressive accomplishment. 

….IAMCP International P2P Committee Chair