SecureIT 365 WIP

In the Hybrid World of Work that we live in, Companies are getting very concerned about the Data Leakage.  One way to address this concern is to apply Data Loss Prevention Technologies at the Windows PC level.

Windows Information Protection (WIP) is the mobile application management (MAM) mechanism on Windows 10. WIP gives you a new way to manage data policy enforcement for apps and documents on Windows 10 desktop operating systems, along with the ability to remove access to enterprise data from both enterprise and personal devices (after enrollment in an enterprise management solution, like Intune). Some of the protection levels available are:

  • WIP helps protect enterprise on both corporate and employee-owned devices, even when the employee isn’t using the device. When employees create content on an enterprise-protected device, they can choose to save it as a work document. If it’s a work document, it becomes locally maintained as enterprise data.

  • If you download file from Sharepoint and Onedrive it will be downloaded as corporate file.

  • Restrict copy-paste only between managed apps. Adding an app to the protected apps list will make it a managed app (AppLocker functionality).

  • Access data only using managed apps.

  • when corporate file is copied to USB drive it will copy as work document only and can accessed by corporate people. If USB drive lost still, we don’t worry about our data.

  • When we create new document, it will ask for personal or work file.

  • WIP lets you block, allow overrides, or audit employees’ data sharing actions.

  • WIP helps protect enterprise data on local files and on removable media.

  • Employees won’t be able to sync encrypted files to their personal cloud storage.

  • WIP gives admins the ability to revoke enterprise data from one or many MDM-enrolled devices, while leaving personal data alone.

  • copy paste block from corporate owned file to personal file

  • Selective wipes remove this corporate owned downloaded data from device.

  • We can copy a work content to new file, but the file will save as work document only.

  • Prevent Corporate files from being sent as attachments in personal Email systems like Gmail.


Operating System: Windows 10, version 1607 or later

Management Solution:  Microsoft Intune

So do reach out to us if you want to prevent Data Loss from Windows Devices.



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