SecureIT 365 Email DLP

The SecureIT Email DLP Pack is focused on ensuring that you minimize Data loss via email.

So here are the ways in which you can prevent the Data Loss via Email. The policies below are available with Exchange Plan 1.

Email DLP using Exchange Plan 1:

  • Restrict certain users to send emails only to Company users.  

  • Auto Forward messages to a sender’s manager for approval 

  • Block messages with executable attachments  

  • Setup Spam Confidence levels for Incoming Emails 

  • Organization wide message disclaimers, signatures, footers  

  • Forward message that contains sensitive information 

  • Forward messages that match one of the several criteria 

  • Setting up policy tips if there is policy violation

  • Supervisor Mailbox.  All messages can be copied to this account or just those sent internally or externally. This feature is very useful in preventing data leakage via email. 

  • Prevent download of attachment in Browser. View only  

  • Block browser access for email. Access only on Outlook app. 

  • Monitor Email forwarding 

  • Archive mailbox – Users can use the archive mailbox, also called a personal archive, to store historical messaging data by moving or copying messages from their primary mailbox to their archive mailbox. 

  • Retention Policies Retention policies use retention tags to apply retention settings to e-mail messages and folders. Retention tags define an age limit that specifies how long items are retained, and a retention action that specifies what happens to items that reach the retention age limit. 

  • Sensitivity Labels. We can manually create the labels and apply to Documents which will help us to prevent Data Loss. 

Email DLP using Exchange Plan 2:

  • Inactive mailbox. Retain Emails of departing Employees without using Exchange Online License 

  • Legal Hold. Here the full mailbox copy is maintained at the back end.  

You can see the Above Features in Action in below Video:

You can get additional layers of Email DLP.  For more details, please refer to the following article Email Data Loss Prevention — TechGyan – Cloud Changes Everything

So do reach out to us if you want to prevent Data Loss.



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